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Bulk Buys

Our Bulk Buy option is 1kg of jerky packed in  4 x 250g bags so you have the option to choose 4 different flavours. Please leave a note when you check out with the 4 flavours you wish to choose.

Our soft jerky comes in sweet chilli and honey soy, all the other flavours are traditional style jerky.

Traditional style jerky is sliced with a knife into long thick strips about 12mm wide. It is usually quite dry and thick or chunky. We cut ours in short, bite sized pieces so you don’t have to struggle to tear it off a strip but still gives you something to chew on. Our traditional jerky isn’t super hard and brittle like some you find, we try to keep it reasonable.

Our soft style jerky is just as it sounds. That is, they are not quite so dry, softer to chew and easier to eat.

Value Packs

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