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Wholesale Information

We have invested heavily in our machinery and equipment to ensure our jerky is the cheapest Australian style jerky on the market. This allows very attractive margins for retailers while still selling at very reasonable prices. We haven’t sacrificed quality though, we make great jerky, and we think you might be surprised at our wholesale prices!

We’re not new to this game, we’ve been producing jerky in our facility in Cootamundra for almost 30 years now.

Distribution for small companies like ours is extremely difficult to develop however we have committed to supply every Australian retail outlet that is interested in stocking our jerky. Wherever you might be. Eventually we will be able to establish local distributors to carry our jerky for you, but until then, we’ll make sure you’re well looked after and ensure your jerky is always supplied on time.

Display Information

We have a small, attractive display box of 20 x 35g packs which is a great way to introduce the jerky to your business. We usually start with a mixed box, 5 of each of the flavour. Once established you can buy in whatever mix of flavours that suit your customers. To give you an idea of sales, some outlets are selling over 150 x 35g units a month.

Our growing customer base

We will be making every effort to make sure that our jerky earns its position on your shelves.

We have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place to ensure high brand visibility right across Australia, this includes advertising in health and fitness magazines and bus backs in our major cities, as well as a strong online presence including social media and search advertising. To round this out we also regularly sponsor local community groups and people which enhances our loyal customer base.

Once your stocking our jerky, we would be interested in hearing from you if you have any marketing or promotional ideas that might work in your specific area.


Ordering options

35g Beef Jerky Snack Packs 

Flavours available: Original, Chilli, BBQ and Honey Soy

Minimum order of 20 units. Can be any combination of flavours

20 units per display box.

100g Beef Jerky Packs

Flavours available: Original, Chilli, BBQ and Honey Soy

Minimum order of 20 units. Can be any combination of flavours.

All our prices include free delivery to any store in Australia. We do, however, need to have minimum orders to help us cover these delivery costs.


Interested in stocking our jerky?

Banking details

Cootamundra Country Foods

BSB: 802367

Account Number: 400674405

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