Wholesale Information

We will be making every effort to make sure that our jerky earns its position on your shelves.

We have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place to ensure high brand visibility right across Australia, this includes advertising in health and fitness magazines and bus backs in our major cities, as well as a strong online presence including social media and search advertising. To round this out we also regularly sponsor local community groups and people which enhances our loyal customer base.

We would be interested in hearing from you if you have any ideas that might work in your specific area.


Flavours available: Original, Chilli, BBQ and Honey Soy

16 units per shipper/display box


Huon Distributors


Phone: (02) 6056 2766


Inland Distributors


Phone: 1300 820 308

If your area is not covered by these distributors, please contact us and we will be in touch to arrange getting jerky to you ASAP.

Email: factory@jerky.com.au

Phone: (02) 6942 4735

Banking details

Cootamundra Country Foods

BSB: 802367

Account Number: 400674405