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The Healthy Snack Alternative

For more than 20 years, we have been providing Australia and the world with great tasting, quality Australian jerky. We thrive on using only the best ingredients to produce an amazing tasting jerky.

Our hand crafted jerky is made using a combination of lean meat, sugar, salt, herbs and spices, as well as locally produced cold pressed canola or mustard oil, depending on the flavour you purchase.

Why people love jerky

It’s an all natural snack

Our jerky has no artificial colours or flavours. We use free-range, grass fed Australian beef, farmed on thousands of acres free from herbicides or insecticides. These cattle are certainly never injected with any antibiotics or hormones.


It’s high protein, low carb, low sugar

On top of all that, jerky is free from artificial additives. It’s Paleo, it’s Keto, it’s fantastic.


Helps you feel fuller, for longer

Because jerky is almost pure protein, it takes your stomach much longer to digest and break down so you feel satisfied for longer.


It’s a grab-and-go snack ready to take anywhere

Jerky is totally preserved so you can carry it in your glove box or bag for long time. No refrigeration or special storage required. Its lightweight and compact so you can carry it on your outdoor adventures.


Super satisfying snack

Jerky is a bit hard to chew. Chewing produces saliva. This saliva softens the jerky and adds to its bulk. It enlarges to 3 times the original size. So jerky is much more filling than other snacks

Kids love it – and it’s good for them!

You can give jerky to your kids without worrying about artificial additives poisoning them or sugars ruining their teeth. It is a healthy, tasty, satisfying snack.


100% non vegan

 This snack is guaranteed to keep vegans at bay.

Ingredients and Nutrition


Lean, grass fed Australian beef, Australian brown sugar, sea salt, cold pressed Cootamundra canola oil, Kikkoman soy sauce, naturally brewed worcestershire sauce, dried and powdered herbs and spices, anti mould (202).


May contain gluten and soy


Lean, grass fed Australian beef, Australian brown sugar, flour, sea salt, chillies, garlic, Kikkoman soy sauce, polydextroses (1200), monosodium l-glutamate (621).


May contain gluten and soy

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