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Vodka & Sandstorms

We've followed Luke for many years now. We love his adventrous spirit and amazing stories. We supply him with jerky when he goes on his envevours. We think you'll love his book.


Book description

Adventurer, B.A.S.E jumper, endurance athlete and writer, Luke Richmond is a man on a mission: to cram as much living into his lifetime as humanly possible. 

As an overweight and bullied youth, he seemed destined to be the underdog, but fought back until his tormentors were cast aside. From the Australian outback, to climbing some of the biggest mountains on earth, to rowing across the Atlantic ocean, his enthusiasm and passion for adventure is infectious.

This is the blistering first-hand account of his most recent expeditions; including a 57 day 1805 kilometre crossing of the Gobi Desert on foot, kayaking the 2220 kilometre length of the Murray River and an ocean row to New Zealand that doesn’t quite go to plan. Within these pages he also shares his lessons from the edge about controlling fear, high risk decision making and a how to travel around Australia for free.

So hold on tight, you’re in for a wild ride with the man who has become known as the Tasmanian Dare Devil.

Vodka & Sandstorms

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