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Best Beef Jerky

Facts About the Best Beef Jerky

Billabong Jerky, founded in 1993, has been named Australia's best beef jerky due to the flavors and how only grass-fed beef was used to make the jerky. Grass-fed beef has its original flavors without any antibiotics, added hormones, or chemicals. It leaves the best beef jerky full of organic flavor. Today, many of the meats have all additives injected or fed to them, leaving them with a different taste. Across the world, it is challenging to find beef with its natural flavor as most cattle farmers sell by the pound. When they do this, it still has all of the remnants of the hormones and the antibiotics within the meat. Before the best beef jerky is made, the meat is marinated in special herbs and spices, all of which are locally grown. Cold-pressed canola oil is also added to keep the flavor locked in for an extended period. Australia is proud of its best beef jerky.

Traditional beef jerky has two flavors with our brand name. Chili Beef and Original Beef are the two traditional beef jerky flavors that are widely popular. Both come in 100grams of the full flavor of how beef tastes. Everything screams nothing but the best quality our beef jerky has to offer for those with the finest taste buds. All of the ingredients are essentially grown within Australia and all-natural organic. Everything we use to make our famous beef jerky is pure. We love our family, and we love our customers. We do not want to pollute our products with anything that the world uses to cut corners. Our service comes directly from our family-owned and operated business. We are proud of our family, and we are proud of our customers, who are like our family. Our track record proves for over 25 years, we have pleasured Australia's great people with the best beef jerky ever.

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