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Cootamundra Country Foods has been producing jerky under our Billabong Jerky Brand since 1993.

We take pride in sharing the rich flavors of Australian meat and ingredients with the world, and we've been especially popular among tourists, offering our jerky in duty-free stores. Our highly mechanised, modern facility, uses efficient machinery to produce high volume orders as required.

We are excited to introduce our jerky to Japan. Our carefully crafted flavors are designed to delight Japanese consumers, and our kangaroo jerky is a great addition to the traditional beef jerky range. Not only does it offer a unique taste, but it also comes with advantages in terms of affordability, health benefits, and sustainability.


Join us on this delicious journey as we bring the essence of Australia to your doorstep.


We are export registered and operate our our factory under a HACCP based Quality Assurance Program externally audited by the Australian Government.

No tariff on Kangaroo Jerky (HS code 0210.99.090).

Beef Jerky (HS code 0210.20.00) has reduced to 90jpy/kg already and will be zero by 2033.


To minimise our impact, we have a large solar farm that produces more electricity than our factory uses, we use energy efficient machinery, we use heat pump water heating, and we use reduced plastic packaging.


Our jerky is It's very lean and has no added hormones, antibiotics or chemicals.


The beef we use is all free range and Kangaroo are not farmed but harvested from the vast inland areas of Australia.


We are a family company based in Regional Australia. As a family company, our focus is not just profit.


We personally care about the reputation of our brand, the quality of our product, commitment to service for our customers, our environmental footprint and sustainability

Free Range Cows

Our Product

While our high-quality beef jerky is a well-known favourite, we invite you to explore the untapped potential of our kangaroo jerky – a unique and healthy alternative that presents a captivating marketing story.

Why kangaroo jerky? Beyond its distinct taste, kangaroo meat boasts numerous health advantages. Sourced from vast, pristine inland areas of Australia where kangaroos roam freely, this meat is untouched by human interference, ensuring it remains free from chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. It's the epitome of natural, healthy goodness.

At Cootamundra Country Foods, we've perfected the art of producing kangaroo jerky with a texture, flavor, and price point that aligns seamlessly with market expectations. Our commitment to quality ensures a product that not only meets but exceeds the discerning taste buds of consumers.

For Japanese consumers, we've curated a selection of flavors that capture the essence of kangaroo jerky, providing an easy and delightful addition to your jerky experience. The advantages are manifold – from the unique taste to the health benefits and sustainability, kangaroo jerky stands out in the jerky market.

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