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Buy Bulk Jerky

Make It Last Buy Bulk Jerky

There are different options when choosing how much jerky one person can eat. When buying in bulk, it lasts for a more extended period. This option allows our customers to select up to four different flavors of jerky. The buy bulk jerky is a 1kg of jerky that is packaged in four 250g bags. Our customers can choose to have the entire 1kg the same or choose more than one flavor. When the customer orders with us, we ask them to kindly leave a note, which of the four flavors they choose. Every piece of our jerky is sliced bite-sized with a knife. We know the struggle of tearing off a piece of jerky and how hard it can be at times. That is why we care enough about our customers to cut them big enough to enjoy a fair amount to chew on and still not have to struggle with ripping it off to have a bite-sized piece.

Our business Billabong Jerky allows people all over Australia to buy beef jerky online. Sure, it is easy to buy certain brand names in the store. They do not have what the independent sellers have. We guarantee that we can let our customers know that the meat is 100 percent healthy, and we can let them know how the cattle are raised. The store brands and those items in the store cannot honestly tell the public the same natural claims. Some may have the same claim as us if they are local companies. Many packages show they have some with artificial flavoring and other MSGs added to the beef. Many people wonder about what they are getting when they buy beef jerky online. We have reviews and customers who can give testimony to the facts; we are 100 percent trustworthy in our claims. When the customers buy beef jerky online from us, they have the full natural flavors headed their way.

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