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Beef Jerky

The Different Types Of Beef Jerky We Offer

There are different types of beef jerky we sell. All of our products can be found on our website and ordered straight from there. We have snack packs, souvenir range, 100g bags, and bulk buys under the Shop section. We sell other items to promote our beef jerky products like hats, koozies, magnets, and even sell a book written by Luke Richmond called "Vodka and Sandstorms." Luke goes on many adventures and has our beef jerky with him on his trips. His stories are inspiring and adventurous. What makes it even better, our customers who purchase the book can eat the beef jerky while they read to make them feel the adventure. We have kangaroo, crocodile, emu, and beef jerky within our Souvenir Range. Our beef jerky packages have oxygen absorbers, and it stays fresh for up to twelve months.

We have soft beef jerky as well, which are dried but not as tough as the regular flat pieces of jerky. The canola oil and the different spices added to the soft beef jerky have a little more moisture added to them. Some like the tough flat sticks that can be chewed on for a couple of minutes, while others like the soft beef jerky, which are not hard on the teeth. As a person chews on the flat tough pieces, it becomes more delicate, and the flavor never goes away. The soft beef jerky is easy to tear, easy to chew, and does not have to be chewed on for an extended period. It is all in the preference of the individual and what their teeth and jaws can handle. The flavor is in each one of them.

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