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Australian Beef Jerky

Australian Beef Jerky, The Way It Is Meant To Be

For over 25 years, Billabong Jerky has supplied Australian Beef Jerky to its people across the nation. Only the best and organic ingredients are used for their purity and flavor. Different flavors of Australian beef jerky have other ingredients. For example, one is a honey BBQ flavor. That one has sugar and honey added to the ingredients. There are a multitude of reasons people love beef jerky. The most common people will say it is convenient. They love that it is an all-natural snack with nothing artificial added. All of the cattle are grass-fed off thousands of acres of land without insecticides or herbicides. The beef's flavor is noticeable when it comes to the meat with all the added chemicals to those that do not. Since the meat is lean, it fills up the body longer because it is the closest to the purest form of protein available.

Kangaroo Jerky is sold with the chili seasoning we use with beef. It contains a good bit of heat but not enough to hurt the average person. Kangaroo Jerky is a game jerky that people in Australia love and place in the exotic food section. Many people love different types of game, and Australia has the kangaroo available. Like the beef jerky, everything is all-natural with no chemicals added. Every piece of kangaroo jerky is solid strips. We keep everything together for easy handling. We do not grind, form, or chop up any of our jerkies. Like beef jerky, kangaroo jerky has good nutritional values regarding iron, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. It has a good flavor and does not have a strong game flavor like the others. It is lean red meat and highly favored among Australians. Kangaroo jerky is also a favorite for dog treats. However, we do not recommend giving our brand to dogs with the spice we use in our jerky. Dogs have their own brand.

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