Aussies supporting small Aussie business

Thank you to our loyal customers who have stuck with us during such a challenging start to the year. After a summer of bush fires and now the Covid-19 crisis, we’re trying to kick start our business again and keep our dedicated workers employed. Our workers are all from Cootamundra, they are the salt of the earth who go above and beyond to make sure our jerky is as good as it possibly can be.

We are on a mission to make our jerky easily available to everyone in the country. Our jerky is already available in over 100 supermarkets, servo's and pubs across the country and that number is growing every week, but we want to get it into as many shops as possible and we need your help.

The distributors that usually supply these shops have all sorts of sweetheart deals with the big brands, which is great but it jacks up the price. We want to keep our prices low so we’re avoiding the big guys and supplying the shops ourselves. 

So if you have a local shop that you you would love to see our jerky in, tell them our name and suggest to them they should contact us and we can supply our jerky to them.

We would love your help in reaching our dream and keeping this small business growing! 

For more information please email: